I want to share with you my weight loss results.  I have lost a total of   23.5 pounds the last time I weighed which was November 1.  I decided to weigh monthly so I won't get discouraged.

 The weight is coming off slowly but it doesn't jump back on as fast when I mess up a little bit.

 I've made some changes that will be easy to stick with.  Lots of fruits and vegetables. I make my own fruit dip so I know exactly what is going in it.

Recipe For Low Sugar, Low Calorie Fruit Dip

  •   Lite or Fat Free Cool Whip
  •   Strawberry Yogurt Low sugar 1 cup
  •   Jello Sugar Free Cheesecake  Pudding
  •   Jello Sugar Free Strawberry Gelatin

Honestly I don't measure anything, I just keep adding ingredients until I like the way it looks. I start with a tablespoon of the pudding and gelatin and adjust until it looks and tastes delicious.  This is much lower in sugar than the store brands.  I make a bowl of fruit and add a tablespoon or two on top and mix.   So good.

I have learned to eat healthy since starting my diet.  I love all things fruit.  Check out this cool fruit products.