My son gave me a Pampered Chef air fryer for Mother's Day.
I have a lot of gadgets, as do most women. I have mixers, blenders, slow cookers, instant pot and many more.
When I first got the air fryer, I was a little overwhelmed with all the gadgets that came with it. A rotating basket, and rotisserie spit, and a retrieval tool. After a little research, I was cooking like a pro.
Oh my goodness, day old pizza warmed up in the air fryer tastes like it was just delivered. And the fries cook with no added fat. Crisp and delicious. 
This is perfect for a low fat or Keto diet.
Breaded fish tastes like fried fish. It's so easy to count calories when you are not adding fats.
I am not affiliated with Pampered Chef in any way, I just love their products.
Here are the links to the air fryer and catalog.

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 It's easier than ever to to host.

You can host an online party, a catalog party, and  a Wedding Shower party for the bride to be. 
I have found their products to be of superior quality from the smallest item to the top of the line products. 
My overall opinion for the air is by far the best appliance I have ever owned.