Retirement is a special occasion that we wait a lifetime to finally get that much deserved time off work.  It would be great to retire at 40 but most of us have to work into our 60's and 70's.

When that day arrives  for a friend, family member or co-worker and you want the best retirement gift ever to celebrate their day. 


                         T shirts are always a good idea, they are always a reminder of the good times and the good times to come. Click on photo for close up.

Retirees love coffee mugs and the cool thing is you can fill it with their favorite snacks or anything you know they love.
  Aprons always make a great gift for anyone who is retiring.You can add a name to make it really personal. 
 Retirement Invitations for different professionals. Pick your theme and run with it.

Tips to Plan the perfect Retirement party. 
 A lot of good ideas in this link.
Hope these ideas help you to plan the best retirement party ever, or help you to decide on the perfect gift for retiree.  Make it a day to remember.