Here is a list of ideas I have tried and love, or plan to do in the future.
 I have been wanting an ottoman for sometime now, but haven't been able to find what I like...until now. 
This ottoman made from a coffee table.  I love this idea. The instructions are laid out step by step on This Site.  You would never know this ottoman had a secret life.
This is such a simple solution to sagging chairs and sofa pillows.  I have some poly fill that has been moved from place to place in my bedroom.  Now I know what to do with it. I plan to restuff my pillows .  This is pure genius

Here are my results:
I filled 4 pillows and my sofa looks so much better.  I was lucky to have zippers on the bottom of my pillows so it was super fast and easy.  This will keep me happy until I can find the sofa of my dreams.
  Who can resist a beautiful cupcake liner? I had cupcake liners  in baskets, plastic boxes, and kitchen drawers. This is a practical idea that I love.  Now I know where they all are and they are almost an art form in a mason jar.
This is amazing beyond words.  Click on the link above to see what 2 household products can make a such a big difference.
Source:  The Colorless Cottage
I so glad I found this tip.  I love my knives and it upsets me to find water rust stains on them. I have one coated knife that I love, but I want the stainless steel knives to shine like new.
Love this idea.  I've tried alot of different products.  Baking soda always works good but takes a lot of scrubbing.  Hopefully, letting it soak will make it easier.