I have a lot of friends graduating this year from nursing school, high school, and college. I have been looking for graduation gift ideas and parties.  Here are some really cute graduation gifts I found.
This is one graduation gift I have never seen before. Absolutely clever idea and one sure to please, no matter the age.
 I have always thought these bottles that look like they came with the gifts inside are just the cutest. A slit in the side is used to get the gifts inside.  You can use the original label or make your own custom label.
I really like this box decorated like a graduation cap.  It is perfect for graduation cards and money.There are probably a lot more ideas  that can be done with this box
Sometimes the most simple things are so cute.  I would use 2 ribbons with the school colors and also wrap them in a clear wrap.  They would be great to give as favors if they are wrapped.

Here are a few nursing graduation party invitations:

Custom Pharmacist Graduation Invitation
Custom Pharmacist Graduation Invitation by cooltees
Find more Pharmacist Invitations at Zazzle
Here's a clever idea to make tassels that match your school colors. This is for a tassel necklace but it would work well for graduation decorations.