I made these cute juice box robots for my husband's  Sunday School Class. They are simple to make, and Kids absolutely love them.  They make fun snacks for kids,  and robot party favors for birthdays .  Gather the following supplies to make:
  • Juice Box(  for body)
  • Starburst Candy (For feet)
  • Laffy Taffy ( for arms)
  • small box nerds
  • wiggle eyes
  • glue dots
  • clear wrap (optional)
  • ribbon (optional)
 Instructions for Building Your Robot
  • Using glue dots stick arms (Laffy Taffy) on the side of the juice box
  • Lay 4 Starburst side by side and put a  glue dot on on each one
  • Set the bottom of Juice box on top and balance
  •  Glue eyes on the Nerds
  •  Glue Nerds on Top of the Juice Box
  You can then wrap them in clear wrap and add a matching bow.  Clear bags can be found in craft stores and Walmart. I like the bags to keep things in place and to add that finishing touch.

  Teresa Saenz [ mama of 3 handsomes] sent the following robot she made from a juice box.  Love the big eyes and the sticky heart