Custom candles are one of my favorite things to make and are fun to give as gifts. They are simple to make and everyone want to know how you made them. ..I always get a "how did you do that" reaction with one of these candles. Follow these instructions to make a one of a kind personalized candle. A simple Monogrammed candle is always a hit.
  • Take a piece of card stock and tape a blank piece of tissue paper on it...cut it just large enough to fold over the sides and tape on the back.
  •  Design the graphic you want to put on the candle...I used 4 x 4 for this candle.
  •  Print your design onto the tissue paper lined cardstock.
  •  Cut the tissue with the graphic into a square.
  • Lay the tissue graphic on the candle and take a piece of wax paper (household) and lay over the graphic..I always cut mine long enough to bunch in the back so i can hold it like a handle
  • next center the graphic and take a hair dryer and move it back and forth over the graphic ( Use a oven mitt because things get pretty hot) 
  • you will see the tissue paper melt into the candle.. it will completely disolve and the picture will be on the candle
  • Roll the candle on a smooth surface and remove the wax paper. When it cools, take a old panty hose and rub the surface for shine 

It may take a few tries to get the technique, but it is one that is well worth the time to learn.
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